Promo codes giveaway!

A while ago we were pleased to announce in iEntries frontpage that we are going to celebrate with you guys the launch of our first app by having a promo codes giveaway! Today I’m going to explain the basics and how the winners will be chosen.

We will give away 10 promo codes, no less :), no more :(. Five of them will be given among our twitter followers and the other five will go to our facebook likes. The procedure to choose the winners is as follows:

When the app becomes available on the Appstore we will first announce the time at which the giveaway will be run. When that time comes, will be used to generate 10 random winners (five from Twitter and five from Facebook). Finally, the winners will be contacted and given their prize! Participating is simple:

For Facebook: Like us and share this post. You’re in!

For Twitter: Follow us and retweet this tweet. You’re in!

Note that you must be in our followers or likes list to receive your prize. You can participate from both social networks.

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